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    لقاء جديد مع توبا في مجلة تركية

    yaso yildirim
    مراقب عام
    مراقب عام

    عدد المساهمات : 53
    نقاط : 127
    تاريخ التسجيل : 24/02/2011

    لقاء جديد مع توبا في مجلة تركية

    مُساهمة من طرف yaso yildirim في السبت مارس 19, 2011 8:19 pm

    The star of the series "Gönülçelen" Tuba Büyüküstün answered the questions of the scriptwriter Mert Özkan for the magazine Mecmua. Here is the fun interview about the phobia of the beautiful actress and where she mentioned many interesting subjects like "the shame of stripping the bone"...

    How did your acting career begin?

    - While studying at the university I was playing commercials. Tomris Giritlioğlu saw me in one of the ads and she contacted me. There were two projects but because I prepared my full degree at that time, I refused her offer.

    Costume and stage design...

    - Yes. Later I get an offer for the project Çemberimde Gül Oya directed by Çağan Irmak. At that time I was very interested as a director and I accepted it.

    In this case costume and stage design was not an option anymore.

    - It is actually always inside of me. I still want to do it at the right time and project and with the right persons. If design is inside of you, it won’t disappear. Set lights will be set by set workers.

    I think that you reached a point, where you start to select the projects. What do you pay attention when you choose your next project?

    - I try to choose different characters as possible; a gypsy girl, girl of the land in Antakya, a rich girl in Antakya. I played a girl, who was born in Urfa and moved with her family to Istanbul. I also try to choose characters of different cultures.


    How is the preparation period which is required for the role?

    - For example the girl in Gönülçelen; they have a completely different life from us. They have a different history. We learned how to dance by gypsy teachers and had accent courses. We went to their homes. The research of their history took my time. The preparation took about 6 months. Of course the characters also have their own physiognomy.

    Do you have rituals before shooting?

    - I think that I don’t have any. Series requires very long-term studies. The character gets a part of your body. When you arrive at the set, it’s just ready for you. Body, facial expressions, everything is ready.

    The characters you've played for a long time, do they affect your social lifestyle?

    - No, they don’t affect my life. For example at the moment I came to set I have Hasret’s or Asi’s gestures. They are different from me. Sometimes I even wonder how I can do this.

    Do you like watching yourself on TV?

    - I watch myself because I want to see how I acted. I think for getting better, you have to watch yourself.


    What is the most difficult part of your job?

    - So, nothing ...

    What is the most difficult part of your job?

    - So, nothing ...

    In conditions of Turkey...

    - Yes, of course. We could do work in better conditions and do more qualitative jobs and I don’t understand why we settle for less. If you shoot 45 minutes instead of 90 minutes you will get much qualitative scenes, but we are shooting quickly.

    Let's talk about the current status of this industry. One writer had a brain hemorrhage, a set worker died during a shooting. How do you evaluate this situation and these strange working hours?

    - Yes. So this is not a humanitarian thing.

    It may sound unrealistic.

    - It’s really inhuman. I know that I didn’t sleep for 68 hours. At this point, what can you expect from that person? How can an actor act well? How much can you be there mentally? The same goes for the director and cameraman. After all, organs won’t work well enough, how shall the body work in such a situation?


    It is said that the fees of the actors will also be effected.

    - Now we have something like this, the media doesn’t write the truth of the actor’s fees. So I just laugh it ...

    So you are against this view…

    - So, like I say... No, I do not want to comment it.

    Okay, let’s talk about something different. You go to Morocco and…?.

    - I went to Morocco because I’m the face of a company's in the Middle East and Turkey… There will be other trips except Morocco.

    In Turkey they are curious about popular culture. How was your experience in Morocco?

    - It was strange. I did not expect that much. There were many guards around me. I'm not a person who likes protection. I like to be free and love being alone. When I said that I'll go there and I do not want protection, they didn’t allow it certainly. They said “if necessary we will give you two bodyguards but we will not send you without protection”.

    How is the blood pressure in Morocco at the moment?

    - They are very sweet, very nice. They don’t have a problem. At least this is my home and the people here can see me every time. The response is larger there.


    A few quick questions ... What are the things that make you happy?

    - I like when persons I love, touch me.

    Let's talk about it…

    - Everyone communicates different. For example, you communicate without breaking eye contact with someone and other persons communicate different. So and I like to touch while I’m communicating with people I love.

    Okay. What is your biggest concern?

    - Seeing a shark in the sea

    Is there something you receive the most pleasure, but also ashamed on the other hand by anything?

    - Nibbling bones.

    Nibbling bone?

    - Yes

    What upsets you most?

    - That people do the job they do not love. After all, there are many people who would do it with love.

    When are you cursing? What is your favorite curse?

    - When I’m freezing and when I’m tired; and when I’m about to make an accident.
    manal mansour
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    نائب مدير

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    عضو سوبر
    عضو سوبر

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    يسلمواا علي الخبر

    سعيدة جدا بوجودي معكم [img][/img][img][/img][img][/img][img][/img]

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